How water is being purified in Wadi Al Ghubaitah

The water depends mainly on the groundwater to cover its growing needs. When rain falls in the Gubaitah valleys and rivers, some seep into the inner layers of the earth and gather inside the rocks. The man digs the artesian wells for collection and extraction. The extracted waters collected from valley under streams, will undergo a series of clarification processes so as to suit human consumption needs.

Healthy Composition:

  • No microorganisms detectable (Pathogenic, or non-pathogenic)
  • No toxic substances
  • No unpleasant odors

Quality Certificates:

  • ISO,22000:2005/18 attained
  • Food and Water Laboratories Centre, MRM&WR, Water Quality Laboratory
  • The Central Laboratory – Food Safety& Quality Centre, MRMWR
  • Ministry of Commerce & Industry

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